Trustworthy Startup Partner

Betawave Ventures was started in 2022, with presence in Boston, Massachusettes and the Silicon Valley in California

Focus Areas

Deep technology, materials, electronics and medical devices

Deep Technologies

Breakthrough technologies in Physics, Chemistry and Biology

New Materials

Enabling materials innovation for new energy sources, better efficiency and cleaner environment

AI +

Artificial Intelligence in combination with traditional industries to improve productivity and overcome the labor shortages around the world

Medical Devices

New technologies combined with latest science discoveries to have faster, more accurate diagnosis and early detection of diseases

About Us

Venture Capital veterans with track records

Zhenlin Li

8 Years experiences in Venture Capital, SVIEF Investor of the year 2021. Multiple exits including IPO in both US and Hongkong, acquisitions in US and China

James Lee

6 Years of Venture Capital Experiences. UC Berkeley Skydeck advisor, Hass Business School mentor in investment, multiple exit in Taiwan, US and Europe

Angelina Zhang

Veteran investor in both China and US. serial startup founder. Organizer of Peking University 1898 investment fund, various exits in both China and US.

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